Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit



Depth to topic and meaningful conversation is much on the agenda for the Alliances community.

Often sparing their time to engage with peers on several types of, typically, events.  The community now have the option of doing so with the Alliances, with an additional offering of depth and meaningfulness in creating an output which is influenced from all Alliances format of:

  • Alliances Market Intelligence
  • Alliances Interviews
  • Alliances Conversations (Vodcasts and Podcasts)
  • Digital Alliances Chapters
  • Alliances Chapters
  • Alliances Community Forum

Output: Alliances Insights Document – based on theme and study

We expect this output to contain Theory, Practical and Pragmatic based content around Technology, Strategy and Cultural elements of the themes we focus upon.

We expect a greater amount of purpose to these Alliances Projects than previously, with greater focus and depth as we unpack the themes through several perspectives of academic, active and new community member as well as service provider, where relevant and appropriate.