Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit


Why include a committee?

At the Alliances, as we tirelessly to disrupt events managed services and re-enforce the purpose of the Chapters taking place, we ensure that each region is supported with qualified executives to impact what we are creating.

This has to be in consideration of the customer and centricity around an agile approach to building the business has proved for success for the Alliance thus far.

Criteria of Committee Member

Active executives who are impacting the business directly and leading their own business divisions

Role of the Committee

The Alliances Regional Directors are responsible for entire build and facilitation of the approved Alliances Activities, highlighted below is the roles of the committee and how they impact each chapter for continuous improvement

  • These executives understand the region and landscapes they are active in

  • They understand and align their strategy with the direction of the business and not global trends based on solution research

  • They are active community membersand participants in the Alliances Chapters across the globe and not impacting from the armchair or another geography

  • Act responsible around championing the Alliances and their role in the market by upholding the integrity of the creation of this trusted platform for debate and learning.  Continuously assisting with peer introductions and recommendations for organic growth

  • Work on a monthly basis in building the bi-annual Alliance Chapters with content committee calls to assist to interpret, build and disrupt the topics in the upcoming chapters

  • Continuously improve the format of the Alliances with candid, constructive methods to remain a worthwhile investment for others in the region and field

Who are the existing Committee?

European Alliances Committee

Ulf is new member of the CISO Alliances in Stockholm and is supporting with the content around Cloud environments

Tue is an active member of the CISO Alliances community.  Educationally focused on the development of Risk Management across the enterprise.

Marc is highly regarded as a Global evangelist around Cloud Security.

Mattias is an active member of the CISO Alliances community.  Educationally focused on the development of regulatory impact on business policy in BFSI.

Bjørn has continuously impacted the Alliances since the foundation phase of the Chapters in the Nordic region.

Oscar is an active member of the CISO Alliances community.

Africa Alliances Committee

Michelle joined the Alliances in 2016 on our launch platform.  Michelle has sustained her input into the majority of Alliance Chapter in South Africa with the clear passion to achieve a return on investment in Chapters with outcomes and action areas.

Robin has sustained his input in the CISO Alliances in South Africa since the beginning of the CISO Alliances in Johannesburg.  Robin’s strategic view of security in business is invaluable to the development of the content for each chapter.

Jashwin candidly impacts the chapters with honest critique of the Alliances and has assisted in developing the community alongside the Regional Director for South Africa.

Corjee is one of the newest members of the CISO Alliances Johannesburg Chapter.  His ability to simplify the most complex of cybersecurity threats and potential issues and relate it to business is impeccable.  We look forward to his input in the build of the upcoming chapters in Johannesburg.

Christine joined the Alliances in 2019 and make an immediate impact.  Christine has great ability to contextualise a problem statement and gain depth to the subject matter through community driven activities.

Loritta has supported the CISO Alliances with continuous content and topic suggestions as well as community introductions in Johannesburg since its birth in 2017.

Andrew has been an ever present influencer for the CISO Alliances in the Western Cape.  His passion for community driven activities is apparent with peer recommendations and knowledge on the way the regional executives behave, typically has offered the Alliances the opportunity for presence in Cape Town.

Ronald is overseeing Sub-Saharan Africa and supports the CISO Alliances with a holistic view of Africa strategy from a Risk and IT Security standpoint.

Theven has supported the Alliances since day one.  Being part of a mature journey of Digital Transformation with Scania has ensured Theven’s input to the Alliances has been an effective one.

Suren is passionate about more togetherness in the communities, regionally and further afield.  His support for the Alliances is immeasurable including hosting the CISO Alliances at the offices at TFG in 2019.

Pragasen did not commit to the Alliances or have any affiliation to us until he took the leap of faith and joined a CISO Alliances Chapter in March 2018.  We are grateful as since then his support in continuing the success has been impactful and appreciated by All.

Julian is a welcome member of the CISO Alliances.  He is impressionable and raises many respected points and action areas for the community to participate within and outside of the Alliances Chapters.  A true Information Security leader who believes in giving back and help the industry develop.

Oscar has continuously impacted the Alliances since the foundation phase of the Chapters in Johannesburg.  Oscar has an outside in view of building and shaping the content for the Chapters differentiating his style of moderating consistently.