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At the Alliances, we recognise that the digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, bringing both unprecedented opportunities and challenges. In response to the dynamic nature of cyber threats, we have established our Threat Intelligence Group – a collaborative initiative dedicated to fortifying the security of our community.

Why Our Threat Intelligence Group Matters:

  1. Collective Defense: By pooling the expertise and resources of our community members, we create a united front against emerging cyber threats. Together, we stand stronger in safeguarding our shared interests.
  2. Early Detection and Response: Our Threat Intelligence Group serves as an early warning system, providing timely insights into evolving threats. This proactive approach enables us to respond swiftly and effectively, minimizing potential risks and vulnerabilities.
  3. Resource Optimization: Through centralized threat intelligence, we optimize our collective resources. This collaborative effort ensures that our community benefits from comprehensive, up-to-date threat information without redundancy or wasted efforts.
  4. Standardized Information Sharing: We believe in the power of standardized information sharing. Our Threat Intelligence Group establishes protocols for sharing threat data, facilitating seamless communication and enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture of our community.
  5. Skill Development and Knowledge Sharing: Participating in our Threat Intelligence Group means continuous learning and skill enhancement. Members have the opportunity to exchange insights, experiences, and best practices, fostering a community of cybersecurity excellence.
  6. Economic Resilience: Together, we reduce the financial impact of cyber threats. By preventing and mitigating incidents collaboratively, we contribute to the economic resilience of our community, making cybersecurity a cost-effective endeavor for all.
  7. Compliance and Trust: Our commitment to threat intelligence sharing aligns with regulatory standards and demonstrates our dedication to compliance. Building trust within our community is paramount, and our Threat Intelligence Group plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal.
  8. Global Perspective: Operating with a global mindset, our Threat Intelligence Group provides a comprehensive view of cybersecurity threats. Members gain valuable insights into threats originating from various regions, ensuring a well-rounded defense strategy.

Join us in fortifying the digital resilience of our community. Together, we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, promoting a safer and more secure future for all.

Community Criteria

  1. Organisations within the Alliance:
    • Members of the alliance seeking collaborative solutions for cybersecurity challenges.
    • Entities committed to the shared security goals and objectives of the alliance.
  2. Industry Verticals:
    • Industries with a high risk of cyber threats, such as finance, healthcare, energy, and critical infrastructure.
    • Organisations in sectors prone to targeted attacks or intellectual property theft.
  3. Global Operations:
    • Organisations with a global footprint or operations in multiple regions.
    • Entities facing threats with international implications that require a broader threat intelligence perspective.
  4. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Organisations subject to regulatory requirements for threat intelligence sharing.
    • Entities aiming to demonstrate compliance with industry or regional cybersecurity standards.
  5. Risk Profile:
    • Organisations with a high risk tolerance or those operating in sectors where cybersecurity is a critical concern.
    • Entities that have experienced or are concerned about cyber threats and are actively seeking ways to enhance their defenses.
  6. Resource Availability:
    • Organisations with dedicated cybersecurity teams or personnel responsible for threat detection and response.
    • Entities with the capacity to contribute and benefit from shared threat intelligence resources.
  7. Technology Infrastructure:
    • Organisations with complex and diverse technology ecosystems.
    • Entities leveraging advanced technologies susceptible to sophisticated cyber threats.
  8. Incident Response Capability:
    • Organisations with incident response capabilities seeking to enhance their proactive threat detection and prevention.
    • Entities looking to improve the speed and effectiveness of their incident response through shared threat intelligence.
  9. Desire for Skill Enhancement:
    • Organisations committed to continuous learning and skill development in the field of cybersecurity.
    • Entities seeking opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration with industry peers.
  10. Economic Considerations:
    • Organisations looking to optimize cybersecurity investments by sharing threat intelligence resources.
    • Entities interested in reducing the financial impact of cyber threats through a collective defense approach.
  11. Commitment to Community Security:
    • Organisations demonstrating a commitment to the overall security and well-being of the alliance community.
    • Entities willing to actively contribute to and benefit from a collaborative threat intelligence environment.

Community Tasks

All existing members promote the project to attract at least one new member to this project to widen the perspective by the end of the year 2023.  This member must meet the criteria listed already on this page – direct them to Register here for an Alliances Projects introduction with an Alliances Regional Director.

Every survey is completed – even if you have to put N/A when suitable – This builds a version of market intelligence based on the experiences and environments of those within this group.

Abide by the Rules of Engagement – this Project is for ongoing collaboration and constructive progression within the industry – let us create a baseline of understanding and not assume a baseline of understanding.

Ensure the scope of this project remains focused on the needs of those within this community.  Where questions are to needed? Ask them. Where there is an opportunity to share a lesson? Share it.  Where there is an opportunity for community input?  Ask for it.  For compliance, these can be collated through anonymous challenges as per usual.

Everyone to ‘Data dump’ finding in the group, forward email to RD, tag RD on LinkedIn – consolidate what is already out there for ease of access for those working within Threat Intelligence.

Who is involved?

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Service Provider Criteria

Technology and service companies’ insights are vital to users and potential end-users looking to purchase their solutions. These suppliers have a thorough grasp of the product or service they generate, informed by the challenges, innovations, and complexities involved in its creation. Their viewpoints give insight on the complex features, prospective uses, and underlying design philosophy that would otherwise be lost on users.

This Alliances Project holistically is an ongoing collaboration between those that impact Threat Intelligence.


  • Those who want to engage in the form of education contributions where commercial conversations occur when invited and not assumed to be relevant.
  • Content contributions should be evidenced through use case and not conceptualising impactful solutions.
  • Individuals may represent the service provider and also contribute from their experiences over their interactions with others who fit the criteria of this community.
  • All service providers are to be recommended to the Alliances by the community as being a positive impact on their business and responsibilities.

Regional Directors

Alliances Partners