Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit


Alliance – ‘A union formed for mutual benefit’

Alliance Media Group (AMG) Ltd and subsequently, the Alliances were deliberately named to include the word ‘Alliance’ due to it’s definition from the Collins dictionary.  An Alliance stands for ‘A union formed for mutual benefit’.

All influencers and contributors should achieve some form of benefit and all Alliances manage the expectations of its customers and participants to coach through the best practices of achieving the outcomes they deserve.


We are a group of driven and ambitious professionals who strive to achieve the ideal.

We have built and participated in C-level events in a variety of industries, including Oil & Gas, Mining, Power & Enterprise IT, Information and Cyber Security, and across many business divisions and processes.

The Alliances Community’s basic ideals were born along with Alliance Media Group, as defined by the Collins dictionary: “A union formed for mutual benefit.” Everyone must believe in their own ability to succeed and improve. This can only be accomplished via selflessness in sharing and genuine feedback from everyone to whom we devote our time.

We no longer desire to treat senior executives and marketeers as commodities, but rather P2P. (Peer to Peer). Our intentions are to

  • create a trusted platform for executives tackling similar business objectives to leverage their collective experience to support one another,
  • debate opinions candidly for industry progression and professional growth,
  • benchmark strategies against one another, which we have been doing since August 2016

This is commonly known as the communities for CIO, CxO & CISO Alliances.

While understanding that in order to be sustainable in the modern world, every business will need to drive commercials. We believe that commercials should not be the driving force, but rather a solution to a ‘why’.

Our Chapters and communities are working to make an impact on the Events Managed Services industry, which continues to act as if money is the most important factor and not the value of time. The industry was founded on the premise that “everyone wants to learn,” and we established the Alliances to ensure that end-user-driven meetings are solely focused on the educational needs of everyone involved as well as their business objectives. Focusing on the best practises for overcoming the common business objectives that motivate activity within each end user firm, rather than just global trends and themes to generate revenue.