Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit


Through the Alliances Community Forums, every member of the CISO Alliances gets the chance to exchange experiences with other members. When it comes to the stigma attached to participating in a cyber attack, there is a chance to break the mould.

In order to lessen the pain on others who come after them, we hope that the community would make the most of this opportunity to share their experiences in the form of Alliances Interviews and Conversations Podcast.


Community: Hearing about cyber attacks experienced by other CISOs provides valuable insights, improves preparedness, facilitates collaboration, and aids strategic decision making, ultimately enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture.

Experienced Executive: Sharing stories about cyber attacks offers benefits such as knowledge dissemination, community support, prevention awareness, industry collaboration, and regulatory compliance. It enables CISOs to contribute to the larger cybersecurity community while also helping others learn and improve their security practices.



Guest Cyber Executive
Leigh Thomas

Leigh Thomas

Regional Director Alliances

Seven insightful points of focus, compliantly and sensitively asked :

  1. What were the initial indicators or warning signs that alerted you to the cyber attack?
  2. How did your incident response team handle the situation during and immediately after the attack?
  3. What were the primary vulnerabilities or weaknesses that the attackers exploited?
  4. What were the most significant challenges or obstacles encountered during the incident response?
  5. How has the experience influenced your organization’s cybersecurity strategy and future preparedness?
  6. What support was offered to you and your team after the likely stress of overcoming the attack?
  7. What advice would you give those that haven’t experienced a breach crisis yet?


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