Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit


Leigh founded the group. A seeker of the ideal and passionate about achieving it. His ambition and drive in creating valuable, candid networking platforms for senior executives across multiple industries.

Leigh is from a Customer Service background working in the Entertainment and Leisure industry which has followed him through his career of working in B2B across enterprise IT, Information & Cyber Security, Oil & Energy & Mining industries.

Leigh is directly responsible for the CIO & CISO Alliances in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi.


Leigh ThomasFounder & Director

James is a passionate and driven person with a proven record of results within industries such a insurance, finance and investments. Known for his excellent customer service and sales background James enjoys bringing like minded people together to achieve their common goals. Years of dealing with decision makers across all industries that he has worked he has prided himself on people skills and problem solving to deliver for his clients excellent service and solutions
With years of experience of attending events he realised that that the end users were not getting what they wanted and most importantly needed. with Alliance media the chance to take the control back and make events for James’s clients meaningful and productive was a huge motivator.

James SmithRegional Director - CISO Alliances Durban

Phil has over 10 years of experience in International business to business having specialised in the IT, Security and Oil & Energy Sectors.

Phil is an Economics Graduate of Cardiff University and is focused on delivering results for clients. He prides himself on understanding cultural and regional diversity in business having travelled the globe building networks.

Having worked for many B2B events companies in the UK as well as overseas in KL, Malaysia he has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly and believes the hybrid approach of the alliances meets the objectives of all involved.

Phil MannyRegional Director
Joan has extensive experience in organising various exhibitions and C level engagements such as CIO,CISO,CMO and CFO in different regions in Europe and America.
As an event and conference producer, leader and business woman, Joan consistently demonstrates all the qualities necessary for success in the business world. She is an excellent multitasker and is very organised, often managing multiple projects at a time involving several clients and speakers in the same instance without loss to service or quality.
Joan is an inspirational team leader, works with dedication to her clients and boasts unwavering commitment to success, personal development. A mother and a wife.

Joan TolentinoRegional Director - Europe