Alliances Project  – Risk, Resilience & Reputation: CISO & The Board

  • Understanding the ever changing role of the CISO
  • How has the role of the CISO changed
  • Risk, Resilience & Reputation – How do these factors impact the CISO’s role and the discussion with the board.


The role of the CISO has changed massively over the years and seems to be changing at an ever increasing pace. With more skills needed to be a CISO we have been asked to look at the connection between The Board/Business and the CISO.

How Risk, Resilience and Reputation affects the conversations, the actions and the understanding from both the CISO and the business.

Within this Alliances Project, we will consolidate the communities knowledge, experience and opinions on how the above has impacted the CISO now and going forward. We will use intelligence questionnaires, podcast, interviews as well as digital and physical chapters to gain the information needed from the people that are dealing with this change on a daily basis.

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