Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit


A Justified Vision

Alliance Media Group (AMG) applies our Ethos in ALL our activities, externally as well as internally.

Initially, AMG began with a scope of identifying how we can gain loyalty in a saturated market whilst matching the ambitions of the community regional directors in developing their Alliance activities.

As a collective, we are ALL passionate behind disrupting the way ‘events’ are happening across multiple industries and create stronger communities who can utilise a platform to benchmark and collaborate candidly around strategic approaches to overcoming the common business objectives.

  • Disrupting Events Managed Services

  • Building Collaborative Communities

The initial vision and remains to ensure we are transparent in our approach.  There are many outcomes that organisations and executives wish to achieve from participation in an event with rare opportunities to achieve them.  We ensure that there is consistency in consideration of our communities desired outcomes and time after time, aim to create the correct opportunity to set the experience up for success.

Whilst learning that the communities traditionally, experience an event which is based on a format which may have worked in other regions and content following a similar pattern, AMG successfully re-educated communities in Africa to demand more ROI from investments and successfully launched platforms within the UK & I and Africa impacting 13 cities and 9 business divisions with over 2000 community members.

This includes educating our communities in how to maximise their time at an AMG activity.


Community Members


Cities and Regions


Alliance Chapters (as of Oct 2022)


Regional Business Divisions



Learning from our communities, within each region there are differing levels of maturity within businesses and processes, meaning there has to be a clear understanding from AMG that the services we apply must be community specific to ensure that each community member is achieving outcomes from the Alliances activity.

It is common that within our senior, C-Level built communities, that education is the desired outcomes common.

Moving forward, there will be a recipe to develop our regional directors activities organically with communities who desire to have unions formed for mutual benefit.

The recipe consists of a fair mixture of input and consideration of customer centricity and leveraging our experience by creating a more justified platform for true community interaction.