Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit

When it comes to career development, the Alliances have strategic partnerships with some of the recognised training organisations where we aim to raise the awareness and pass on the value to the community due to the community reach for continuous improvement.  Bring to our attention other training, learning and academic bodies who can develop the industry you are impacting:

  • continuous learning and skill development – what industry specific learning opportunities have you benefitted from that others can?
  • setting clear goals and objectives – what personal development opportunities and exposure have you had which others can benefit from?
  • seeking mentorship and guidance – shape the Alliances Mentorship program

What is your legacy?

Everyone needs inspiration to develop, motivate and to find affinity in the challenges so many face when it comes to impacting their industry and be the best version of themselves.

Journeys to Inspire was born as a platform for those within the community to have affinity with each others career pathway from a professional and personal standpoint.

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others‘. It is often described as reminding us that ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.

Alliances Projects is an evolution of the Peer to Peer engagements which exists too often in the industry.

Spending time analysing a topic with a group of qualified peers offers several advantages over simply hearing about it from one person at a conference. Here’s why we believe so:

1. Diverse perspectives: In a group setting, you can benefit from a variety of perspectives and insights from different individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. This can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the topic and generate innovative ideas.

2. Collaboration and discussion: Group discussions allow for active engagement and collaboration. You can exchange ideas, challenge assumptions, ask questions, and collectively explore different aspects of the topic. This collaborative process often leads to deeper insights and critical thinking.

3. Constructive feedback: Qualified peers can provide valuable feedback and constructive criticism, helping you refine your understanding and ideas. This feedback loop is crucial for growth and improvement.

4. Deeper exploration: Analysing a topic with a group provides an opportunity to delve deeper into various aspects, uncovering nuances and complexities that may not be covered in a conference presentation. Group members can bring in different research findings, case studies, or personal experiences, enriching the overall analysis.

5. Networking and relationship-building: Working with a group of qualified peers allows you to expand your professional network and build meaningful relationships. These connections can open doors to future collaborations, mentorship, and career opportunities.

While conferences have their merits, the interactive and collaborative nature of group analysis with qualified peers offers a more comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

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