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As the Alliances have access to a breadth of professionals are up to speed on the reality of impacting senior Information and Cybersecurity Roles.

The Cyber Innovation Hub, held out of Cardiff University has partnered with the Alliances to elaborate on it’s previous and utilise the community and their knowledge around its initiatives.  We will be focusing on:

  • Introducing Cyber Innovation Hub – a game changer in spinning science into cyber solutions…
  • How is Cyber Innovation Hub solving the cyber problems of today and tomorrow?
  • CyberSight25 – defining the solutions of tomorrow
  • The Ask from the community and what do they get out of it.

What is CIH?

Introducing Cyber Innovation Hub – a game changer in spinning science into cyber solutions…

Cyber Innovation Hub is spun out of Cardiff University’s Centre for Cyber Security Research (CCSR). CCSR has been operating for a decade and takes a challenge-focussed approach to applied cyber research, having developed strong industry partnerships and seen research translated into commercial processes. To date, spin out companies from this research have been limited. Largely due to a lack of capacity in the academic team to explore markets and develop commercial cases – but equally due to a lack of commercial and business skills within the team to actually take a commercial venture to market.

How is Cyber Innovation Hub solving the cyber problems of today and tomorrow?

CIH is solving this blocker by match-making the academic solution creators with entrepreneurs in the Alacrity Foundation’s incubation programme. Alacrity hire business leads and train them in an intensive 12 month programme. The entrepreneurs on the programme are business-focussed, and learn how to identify commercial opportunities, understand customer needs, develop business plans, and take a solution to market. The CIH programme will wrap a team on the Alacrity programme around academic solution creators, and provide them with support and services to scale quickly. We believe this is a globally unique programme – pulling cutting edge scientific intellectual property into commercial ventures to solve the World’s most pressing cyber security problems.

What is CyberSight25?

CyberSight25 – defining the solutions of tomorrow

CIH is seeking thought leadership in defining the cyber security problems of today and tomorrow, and is partnering with the Alliances team to run the CyberSight25 campaign. By 2025, we aim to have 25 well defined cyber problems, articulated by 25 of the World’s leading cyber experts. This includes CISOs, CIOs, and anyone else who is living and breathing a cyber problem that they just can’t find the right solution for – despite all the marketing hype!

The Ask? 

There is some time required for input to CyberSight25 – so we’re only seeking those who are most committed to the advancement of cyber solutions and mentoring future business founders to support the sector. The ask is as follows:

  • An initial meeting to discuss the problem you would like to bring to the campaign
  • Some of your time spent articulating what a “good solution” would look like – an outline to guide the CIH in developing a solution
  • A 30 minute mentoring call with the CIH entrepreneurs every 2 weeks over a 6 month period during ideation and wireframing of the solution

What do you get out of it?

This is a clarion call for your knowledge and passion for the sector, to shape the solutions of tomorrow, and to mentor the next generation of cyber entrepreneurs!

We aim to have our first three CyberSight25 thought leadership articles produced by October this year, which will include a profile on you and showcase your leadership via the CIH x Alliances partnership, which will be promoted globally

Imaging having your cyber problems solved, and seeing the founders you have mentored on the big stages at RSA and Infosec – pitching the solution to your friends and colleagues!



Prof. Pete Burnap

Prof. Pete Burnap

Director: Wales Cyber Innovation Hub. Professor of Data Science & Cybersecurity School of Computer Science & Informatics Cardiff University Wales, U.K.

CIH CyberSight Contributor via CISO Alliances

Ivan Milenkovic

Ivan Milenkovic

CIH CyberSight Contributor via CISO Alliances
Dr. Kevin Jones

Dr. Kevin Jones

CIH CyberSight Contributor via CISO Alliances
Kevin Fielder

Kevin Fielder

CIH CyberSight Contributor via CISO Alliances
Lineo Racoco

Lineo Racoco

CIH CyberSight Contributor via CISO Alliances
Milos Pesic

Milos Pesic

CIH CyberSight Contributor via CISO Alliances

Intel required to contribute to CyberSight25 in the form of a Vodcast with your Alliances Regional Director

Section 1: Introduction

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your role in the cybersecurity field?

Could you provide an overview of your organization and its objectives in the context of cybersecurity?

Section 2: Championing issues – Describe the Cybersecurity Challenge

What specific cybersecurity challenge is your organization currently facing?

How did this challenge come about, and what are the potential risks or consequences?

What are the operational roles of the individuals impacted by the problem?

Have you attempted to solve the problem internally? If so, why were they not successful?

Is there anything else on the market that you have identified but not procured? If so, why haven’t you procured them?

What would “good” look like to you in terms of a solution?

If you identified this solution, would you consider procuring it?

Section 3: Cyber Innovation Hub Involvement

How do you envision the cyber innovation hub contributing to solving this challenge?

How will you measure the success of the solution developed through this collaboration?

Are there any key performance indicators (KPIs) you have in mind?

Section 4: Close

Is there anything else you’d like to add or emphasize regarding this cybersecurity challenge and the collaboration with the innovation hub?

Next Steps

When accepted by the CIH as a solution they would like to impact, a requirement of 30 minutes every fortnight for 6 weeks to learn of the development and to add as the solution matures.

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