Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit


11th of November 2016

We funded a Chapter for 25 CIOs at the Fire & Ice Hotel in Melrose Arch, Gauteng, South Africa. Its purpose, was to meet with the people who are spending a lot of time in different platforms with little if any tangible returns or outcomes. The findings are simple and confirmed the conversations previously in that each and every executive regardless or pride / stature wants to learn and Alliance Media Group will address this with meetings of like-minded peers, focussed end user driven content around practical business objectives and balanced, relevant, vendor use cases providing examples of how these objectives are overcome on a regular basis.



    Stage 1

    During the on-boarding process with FNB & RMB, research within the foundry was highlighted specifically around Blockchain and Digital Ledgers.

  • Stage 2

    IBM HyperLedger was highlighted as a suitable partner to liaise with the audience around “Blockchain – An Innovative Transformation Journey”.



    Stage 3

    Country leaders of IBM were contacted around the alignment and given justification behind why they should partner and help educate the regional CIO community.

  • Stage 4

    IBM partner with Alliance Media Group and marketing to the audience begins through attendee profiles and white papers.



    Stage 5

    On-site interaction throughout the day within the event format as well as a session led by IBM evangelist.

  • Stage 6

    AMG facilitate follow ups with end users.