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Alliances Projects are an evolution of the peer-to-peer engagement that exists too often in this industry. Spending time analysing a topic with a group of qualified peers offers several advantages over simply hearing about it from one person at a conference. We offer a platform for diverse perspectives, collaboration, constructive feedback, deeper exploration and networking.

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What is your legacy?

Everyone needs inspiration to develop, motivate and to find affinity in the challenges we face.

Journeys to Inspire is a platform for those within the community to have affinity with each others career pathway from a professional and personal standpoint.

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When it comes to career development, the Alliances have a wealth of strategic partnerships with recognised training organisations. We focus on continuous learning and skill development, personal development opportunities, mentorship and guidance.

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The Alliances has created a trusted chat platform, using commonly available apps. The 24/7 chat forums allow peers to connect and support each other at any time, fostering a sense of community. It offers immediate access to a diverse range of perspectives, knowledge sharing, problem-solving and emotional support.