Johannesburg Chapter – March 2017


Chapter Overview

Date: 31st of March 2017

Time: 10.30 am – 7.00 pm

Venue: Fire & Ice! Melrose Arch

Location: Gauteng, South Africa

Areas of focus:

Benchmarking Strategy for

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

This Alliance Chapter will focus on building a decision making and decision influencing community focused on impacting the ICT division of enterprises and upper mid-market organisations from the Durban region in South Africa.

  • 1030


    Arrival and networking prior to the content being divulged

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    Welcome Remarks & House Keeping

  • 1105

    Session 1 - Opening Keynote

    Session Leader: Peter Munnings – Distributed Engineer – ConsenSys

    Session Title: Preparing for Restructure: Blockchain and Southern Africa CIOs


    Is Blockchain the most important emerging technology for the enterprise – and therefore the CIO?

    The digital revolution is bringing a new and radically different platform for business and other institutions that can take us through the next quarter-century of human progress. At the core is the biggest innovation in computer science in a generation. It is blockchain – the technology underlying the digital currency Bitcoin.

    For the last few decades, we have had the internet of information. Blockchain is bringing the internet of value.

    At its most basic, blockchain is a global database – an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions, but virtually everything of value and importance to humankind: birth and death certificates, marriage licences, deeds and titles of ownership, educational degrees, financial accounts, medical procedures, insurance claims, votes, transactions between smart objects, and anything else that can be expressed in code. This ledger represents the truth because mass collaboration constantly reconciles it.

    Will the rise of blockchain enabled the rise of capitalism and the nation state?
    How about the corporation – a pillar of modern capitalism?
    How about the internet of things?

    Key takeaways:

    Basic blockchain architecture and why it is so different to a typical corporate data store

    Lessons from history (the development of data package switching protocols)

    What’s happening in this space

    SA Financial Blockchain Working Group

    Projects in the rest of the world

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    Session 2 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Philip Anderson – Associate Partner – IBM South Africa

    Session Title: Blockchain – An Innovative Transformation Journey


    Global trends in Blockchain and how IBM is assisting clients in transforming their business using Blockchain and HyperLedger.

  • 1250

    Networking Lunch

  • 1330

    Session 3 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Suren Pillay – Chief Architect & Head of Specialised Engineering – Absa Capital

    Session Title: Agility – Infrastructure on Demand & DevOps our Saviour


    Historically, large organisations in South Africa have been reluctant to adopt Cloud technologies, although many of them have shown significant successes. Suren will share Absa Capital’s high-level approach to cloud adoption, the benefits that are targeted and some learnings from the journey so far.

  • 1430

    Session 4 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Harris Charalambous – Chief Enterprise Architect – Standard Bank

    Session Title: Management Techniques for Digital Disruption


    Digital transformation will affect us in three ways:
    1) The way we manage will needs to change
    2) Our organisational culture needs to change
    3) Our technology choices need to change.

  • 1530

    Networking Break

  • 1645

    Session 5 - IBM South Africa

    Session Leader: Ulrika Reyneke – Cloud Managed Services Leader – IBM South Africa


    • Cloud conversations have shifted. Enterprises are at the tipping point.
    • It’s no longer only about cheap compute & storage
    • Cost takeout only goes so far.
    • The role of the cloud is evolving.
    • It is now becoming the platform for innovation and business value.
    • It is becoming the IT delivery model that impacts the entire enterprise.
    • It’s enabling people to do things they couldn’t do before including access to new sources of data.
    • It’s enabling access to the next generation of technology – for example blockchain has exploded.
    • And we have now entered the cognitive era at the speed of cloud
    • Cognitive computing is the new frontier of innovation
    • It’s where new leaders are emerging.
    • Natural human engagement and deeper understand of dark data can reveal even greater insights
    • And get us even closer to our customers
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    Session 6 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Suren Govender – Director – Iburru

    Session TitleThe Future of Business


    In this address, we firstly cover a mind-bending glimpse into the next 10 to 30 years of life on Earth: where is the future of technology and humanity headed, what happens when they intersect, and what does it mean for business. The second segment discusses a practical approach to harness the opportunities that the Connected Age is throwing to us

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    Dinner & Drinks