CISO Alliances in conjunction with Trustwave are working on an exciting project called Risk, Resilience & Reputation: CISO and the Board

Exploring the relationship between the CISO and corporate governance in relation to risk, resilience and reputation.

The interview is exploring Risk, Resilience and Reputation we had Tamlynn Deacon and Jodie Hoare, Head of Marketing for Trustwave in EMEA.


  • How prepared is your organisation for a data beach – and is the board engaged in these discussions? If so, what is their involvement?
  • Does your organisation have a cybersecurity director on the board? What is their role?
  • How are you, and the cyber programme measured by the Board?
  • What are the challenges CISO’s face when communicating the value of cybersecurity investment? (looking at existing and new investments)?
  • How do you educate board members in cyber risks and threats?
  • What about metrics to enable a comprehensive overview of your organisations security posture?
  • If you could only show three what three would you share? Lessons learnt … if you were starting our as a new CISO what lessons would you share with your younger self?


Tamlynn Deacon

Tamlynn Deacon

CISO Alliances Member
Jodie Hoare

Jodie Hoare

Head of Marketing EMEA - Trustwave
James Smith

James Smith

Regional Director - UK & I, Alliances


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