CISO Alliances in conjunction with Trustwave are working on an exciting Alliances Project called Risk, Resilience & Reputation: CISO and the Board.

Exploring the relationship between the CISO and corporate governance in relation to risk, resilience and reputation. Joining Jodie Hoare, Head of Marketing EMEA – Trustwave today, as they explore Risk, Resilience and Reputation was Kevin Fielder, CISO at NatWest Boxed and Mettle and James Smith from CISO Alliances UK&I.

Areas of Questioning are:

  • What are the challenges CISO’s face when communicating the value of cybersecurity investment? (looking at existing and new investments)?
  • How do you educate board members in cyber risks and threats?
  • What questions are the board asking that are challenging to respond to?
  • What questions should the board ask but currently are not?
  • What about metrics to enable a comprehensive overview of your organisations security posture? If you could only show 3 what three would you share?
  • If you were starting our as a new CISO what lessons would you share with your younger self?


Kevin Fielder

Kevin Fielder

CISO Alliances Member
Jodie Hoare

Jodie Hoare

Head of Marketing EMEA - Trustwave

James Smith

James Smith

Regional Director - UK & I, Alliances


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