Johannesburg Chapter – November 2016

Chapter Overview

Date: Friday, 11th of November 2016

Time: 10.30 am – 6.30 pm

Venue: The Marriott, Fire&Ice!, Melrose Arch

Location: Gauteng, South Africa

Overall Theme: Impact Your Time

Areas of focus:

  • The 4th IR
  • The Era of Digital
  • The Major Issues and Challenges Facing the Modern, Next Generation CIO
  • Everybody Wants to Learn
  • Diversity in IT Decision Making

This Alliance Chapter is the birth of the Alliances.  Topics raised are from the attending audience and where their focuses are.  This session will be used to solidify the foundations of the Alliances format and how we will create a platform for executives to learn.

  • 1030


    Arrival and networking prior to the content being divulged

  • 1100

    Welcome Remarks & House Keeping

  • 1105

    Session 1 - Opening Keynote

    Session Leader: Robert Boccia

    Session Title: The 4th IR


    Founded on the principle of mass automation and hyper connectivity – the fourth industrial revolution pushes the boundaries of safe enterprise IT and opens the eyes of this generation of enterprise IT leaders to where we are heading.

    Key takeaways;

    Digital is at the heart

    Mass connectivity through 6G, fosters an instant experience

    Allows greater geopolitical organisations

    AR, AI, Compute Intelligence

    2016 Trends – The Blockchain, Nanosensors, NextGen Batteries, Autonomous Vehicles, Solar Cells, Open AI Ecosystems, Optogenetics, System Metabolic Engineering.

  • 1150

    Session 2 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Abdul Baba

    Session Title: Future World


    The clip that Abdul showed us was a great insight into the opportunity that Johannesburg and further South Africa and Africa has to develop a digital world for the Customer Experience. Further discussion can be had here on a business level to review opportunities for businesses to collaborate in ‘Smart City’

  • 1250

    Networking Lunch

  • 1330

    Session 3 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Brett StClair

    Session Title: Absa


    Any IT thought leader meet is always an exciting one with the Head of Digital Products at Barclays and Xoogler, Brett St Clair. Brett put on an interactive session around the The Era of Digital starting with What is your interpretation of Digital and how opinion matters.

    Digital vs Legacy – Continuously Evolving but, each enterprise is different Telkom SA being used as an example being 140 years old, here might be some Legacy around!!

    It’s the small changes that count in digital and not fearing change and especially failure will enable the enterprise to Digitise productively and effectively.

  • 1430

    Networking Break

  • 1445

    Session 4 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Len de Villiers

    Session Title: The Major Issues and Challenges Facing the Modern Next Generation CIO


    When CIOs look for an experienced executive with a wealth of knowledge, Len de Villiers is the first name that comes top of mind. With a special thanks to our partners at EGN in Marna & Richardt, we were able to have a full hour of time with Len leading a session to learn from the maestro himself.

    Len opened by posing 2 questions to the audience;

    Can you confidently say you can predict the future?

    Does the board/ boss hold you accountable for IT in your company?

    Len, elaborated on how lonely the CIO role. As we are all aware, if something goes wrong, who does the boss call first?

    Trust – Are you trusted in your enterprise? Are you allowed to innovate to enable the business to generate easier revenue through IT. Len used the example of you going to a restaurant and telling the chef how to cook your food. The Chef is paid to do a job and so it the CIO, don’t allow the non-professional CIO to tell you how to run IT of the business.

  • 1545

    Session 5 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Leigh Thomas

    Session Title: Alliance Media Group – Everybody Wants to Learn


    An intended short session by the Founder of the CIO Alliances to highlight the challenges and processes behind the scenes of a CIO events organiser.

    Leigh is proud of what the Alliance and his business stands for ‘a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organisations’
    What Alliance Media Group believes is that there is a substantial amount of below par, commercially & vendor driven initiatives out there that have completely gone away as to why these events exist i.e. feeding the need for the senior executive to learn.

    Alliance Media Group Meetings will be complete end user driven.


    Peers and Case Studies

    Vendor Partners

    An end user driven event will require commitment of time from the attending CIOs prior to the Alliance meets taking place to help align the meets focus with the educational needs of its attendees. This will be difficult but not impossible as the Leigh is of mind where time invested here would be more than integral to the addressing the complaint that every CIO has in that there is a saturated market of events out there with nowhere near enough time to attend all.

    How much time will CIOs waste going to unaligned events, which are not focused on their needs but on the back pocket of the organiser?

    Key Takeaway

    AMG’s driver is to shake the industry up by being completely end user driven

  • 1615

    Session 6 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Celeste Rogers

    Session Title: Diversity in IT Decision Making


    New technologies
    Increased globalisation
    Arrival of millennial generation

    A very long Q&A with a review of putting the Leading with Humanity course on the agenda for the next meet.

    To have diversity there are numerous factors that come to mind but the future is bright with Millennials Y and Gen Z, who have adopted IT into their day to day are now impacting future of enterprise IT.

  • 1745

    Community Activity

    Competition. Milkshake cocktail masterclass.

  • 1900

    Dinner and Drinks