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Within the Alliances community our members are able to benchmark and share experiences with their peers, with this in mind we offer the opportunity to our members to utilise this format to help with everything procurement.

  •  Identification of Needs

Utilising the Alliances Projects we help our community members to create frameworks, strategies and plans for their organisations when it comes to subjects that are relevant to them. This helps when it comes to understanding the maturity and the needs of our members organisations. This stage can also be utilised to create roadmaps with nominated solution providers so you and your organisations can understand what any potential purchase will look like in 2/3 years time.

  • Request for Information (RFI) 

The Alliances platform allows community members to comfortably speak with their peers around their experience along their journeys, with different organisations being at different levels of maturity and at different stages of their journeys, this allows us to continue this collaboration to help with gathering as much information around your procurement needs. This will be done under a signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and anonymously.

  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)

The Alliances have created “referral” partnerships with a number of organisations, both direct with the solution provider and with resellers, these partnerships are with organisations that have been recommended by the community. This allows us to gather the best price from numerous sources across the industry, all the while, utilising the collaboration and experience of the community.

  • Proposal Evaluation & Supplier Selection 

Again, the benefits of utilising the Alliances within your procurement comes from the years of experience that we have within our communities, utilising this we can give you the honest feedback from your peers when it comes to suppliers and the different aspects that you will need to take into account. This can range from overall experience, onboarding process, aftercare services and roadmaps for the future, all to help you make the best decision.

  • Negotiation

Utilising outside organisations that have been nominated by the community we help with this final stage of procurement by casting an eye over the final quotes and help you as the buyer understand of you are getting the best price available.

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