Durban Chapter – June 2021


Chapter Overview

Date: Thursday, 10th of June 2021

Time: 15.00 pm – 16.30 pm (SAST)

Platform: Digital Alliances

Location: Digital Alliances – Microsoft Teams Link – Invite Only

Overall Theme: Africa’s Security Culture

The Digital Alliances is a platform created to ensure our communities are enabled to utilise our candid approach to benchmark and to continue collaboration where physical Chapters are restricted

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    Welcome Remarks & Joining Time

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    Focussed Session

    Session Leader: Anna Collard – Knowbe4

    Session Title: Africa’s Security Culture

    Session Overview:

      • Security culture is the ideas, customs, and social behaviours of an organization that influence their security and it is directly associated with reduced risk. In a recently published KnowBe4 Research report, we demonstrated that organizations with poor security culture have a risk that is 52 times higher for employees sharing credentials.Anna will share findings from KnowBe4 latest research reports, such as our global Security Culture report 2021, our Africa’s mobile users and privacy report 2021 and any trends we’ve seen from 2019 to 2020 in KnowBe4 Africa’s cybersecurity awareness surveys.She will also share practical tips on how to improve security culture, what works and what doesn’t and lessons learnt from some of our South African customers.

        Join us as we discuss the latest developments in security culture, understand some of the key challenges and learn how to effectively improve security cultures over time.

        Key Takeaways

        • Security culture defined
        • Insights from KnowBe4’s latest research reports:
          • Global Security Culture Report 2021
          • Africa’s mobile user’s privacy report 2021
          • Africa’s cybersecurity awareness report
        • Lessons learned
        • Steps to successfully changing Security cultures   

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    Action Areas and Next Steps