Durban Chapter – June 2019


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Chapter Overview

Date: Thursday, 27th of June 2019

Time: 8.30 am – 3.45 pm

Venue: Durban Country Club

Location: Umgeni, Durban, South Africa

Overall Theme: Community Building

Areas of focus:

Benchmarking Strategy for Learning:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

This Alliance Chapter will focus on building a decision making and decision influencing community focused on impacting the ICT and information security division of enterprises and upper mid-market organisations from the KZN province in South Africa.

  • 0830


    Arrival and networking prior to the content being divulged

  • 0900

    Welcome Remarks & House Keeping

  • 0915

    Session 1 - Open Forum - Leadership and changing the face of IT

    Session Leader :

    Wayne Janneker – Head of Information Technology – Caprisa

    Session – Leadership and changing the face of IT

    Description –

    This presentation will highlight the challenge faced by our evolving business models and what is required for a IT department to ensure they are at the cutting edge to produce the invaluable business driven results.
    The paradigm shift from being a day to day IT department to an innovation hub presenting a visionary approach and changing the perception and norm of IT, whilst insuring we curb manage and control process procedure and moderating Shadow IT. The imperative was revisiting and aligning the team culture to the organisation requirements.
  • 1000

    Session 2 - Workshop - Cyber Security Awareness in KZN

    Overview –

    What is the state of cyber security awareness in KZN & how can it be improved?

    Discussion points-

    What is the current state? 

    What needs to change?

    How, as organisations and individuals can we improve awareness?

    Steps to take forward?

  • 1100

    Networking Break

  • 1115

    Session 3 - Scenario Overview

    A short, sharp contextual overview of a community relatable business objective

  • 1145

    Session 4 - Open Forum - IIoT and IoT Threats and Risks

    Session Leader :

    Barend Pretorius – Information Security Officer – Transnet Port Terminals

    Session Title – Differences and Similarities between IoT and IIoT

    Description –

    As the world is moving towards the fourth industrial revolution, the Internet of things (IoT) is taking off at an exponential rate. Gartner predicts that 20 billion devices will be connected to the internet by the year 2020. Although most of these devices will be consumer devices, businesses and industry are already exploring the possibilities and capabilities of IoT devices to gain a competitive advantage. The Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is a name given to IoT devices used in the monitoring and control of industrial and related processes. These include transport, energy, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and operations. Information and cyber security is often neglected or non-existing when it comes to IoT and IIoT

    Take aways –

    • The threats, vulnerabilities, risks and incidents related to them and start the conversation on how to secure them.

    CISO Alliance – IIoT Security

  • 1230

    Networking Lunch

  • 1330

    Session 5 - Open Forum - Enlisting AI & Analytics for Security

    Session Leader :

    Lawrence Reddy – Director – CloudLogic

    Session Title – Enlisting AI & Analytics for Security

    Description –

    We need a change of security defense methodologies, technologies and attack strategies. Less of a reliance on technologies and more of a dependence on Intelligent insights and hunting techniques.

    1. Cloud Security for the Enterprise not just Cloud.
    2. Why Analytics for Security?
    3. Extensible & Open Platform.
    4. SIEM Reimagined.
    5. Why AI for Security?
    6. Reduce Time to Detect!
    7. Threat Hunting!

    2019-06 CISO Alliance – LR

  • 1415

    Session 6 - Open Forum - Alliances and KZN Community

    Session Leader :

    James Smith – CISO Durban – Director


    • Vision for KZN Community
    • Website Journey
    • Steps to take going forward
  • 1445

    Closing Remarks & the Next Steps

    How we collate feedback and we plan to grow out the regions educational meetings.

    Highlight the chapters outcomes and action the community can make from content explored

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