Johannesburg Chapter – November 2018

Use Case Partners

Date: Thursday, 8th of November 2018

Time: 8.00 am – 3.30 pm

Venue: Fire & Ice!, Melros Arch

Location: Gauteng, South Africa

Overall Theme: Digital and Transformation, Securely

Areas of focus:

Benchmarking Strategy for Learning:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

This Alliance Chapter will focus on building a decision making and decision influencing community focused on impacting the ICT of enterprises and upper mid-market organisations from the Gauteng province in South Africa.

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  • 830

    Welcome Remarks & House Keeping

  • 845

    Session 1 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: 

    Justin Gregory – CTO Sales & Channels – FNB: Business Banking

    Session Title: Digital Transformation – Where is the ROI?


    Differing Case studies.  Digital & Fiduciary. Understanding the different drivers.
    Community challenge – How to offset a smaller ROI with less quantifiable gains, but better customer entrenchment?

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    Session 2 - Open Forum

    Session Leaders: 

    Justin Williams – Executive: Group Information Security – MTN

    Grant Thompson – General Manager of Cyber Defence – MTN

    Session Title: Exploring the SOC Journey

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    Networking Break

  • 1030

    Session 3 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: 

    Jannie Strydom – CEO – LarcAI

    Session Title: AI – Machine Learning

  • 1115

    Session 4 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: 

    Peter Premji – Sales Manager – Ui Path

    Session Title: Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – The Bots

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    Networking Lunch

  • 1300

    Session 5 - Open Forum

    Session Leaders:

    Jay Meyer – Director – CIO Alliances South Africa

    Marius Khetsi – Director – Digital Solutions Foundry

    Session Title: DevOps Principles & Framework


    Many definitions of DevOps exist, and many of them adequately explain one or more aspects that are important to find flow in the delivery of IT services. In this session, we would like to explorer the following principles.

    1. Customer-Centric Action
    2. Build with the end in mind
    3. End-end Responsibility
    4. Continuous improvement
    5. Automation

    Key Takeaways;

    A summary of how the above has been applied within the Alliances end-users and what worked and what didn’t.

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    Session 6 - Workshop

    Session Leader:

    Sjeanne Cawdry – Senior Strategic Change Manager and Client Experience Lead – Rand Merchant Bank

    Jay Meyer – Director – CIO Alliances

    Session Title: Drivers Transforming the C-Suite – Case of Change


    Workshop where all attendees will have an input on developing a framework for the future C-suite

    The need to transform is clear. As new, innovative companies crop up, and as traditional competitors go digital, the race for customers has never been higher. Organizational transformations arise due to digital, customer centricity, client experience, employee experience, agile, robotics and AI

    Technological progress is changing the business landscape beyond recognition. Now, companies must mirror this transformation inside of their organizations. Those that resist this technology led “4thindustrial revolution” will find it difficult to satisfy consumer demands for instant, personalized service, finding it nearly impossible to survive.

    Many have identified that a new breed of leadership is required, thereby transforming the C-suite to successfully take organizations into the future. New roles have been invented focusing on emerging challenges. Executive titles that didn’t exist a few years ago (chief technology officer, chief transformation officer, chief of innovation, chief of information security, and chief data officer, Chief Customer Officer) are becoming commonplace.


    • Making sense of the key drivers necessitating C-suite transformation
    • C-suite roles (existing, new or to be invented) that are necessary
    • Identify enduring and important traits for leading in the digital age and through transformations
    • Identify the biggest obstacles that can derail transforming the C-Suite
    • Identify the biggest obstacles that can derail transforming organizations
    • Important steps to consider in aligning a new C-Suite
    • Learnings can be taken from C-suite teams that have successfully transformed their organizations
  • 1445

    Closing Remarks & The Next Steps

    Session Leaders: 

    Jay Meyer – Director – CIO Alliances South Africa

  • 1500

    Open Networking with Refreshments

    Session Leaders: 

    Damian Michael – Managing Director – InnovoNetworks

    Marius Khetsi – Director – Digital Solutions Foundry