Collecting the perspectives of the communities has been at the core of the Alliances platform.

From a legacy standpoint of impacting STEM based vocations, one of the most common challenges at the time of writing this content, is there is a lack of uptake of STEM based careers applicable to IT business divisions across all industries and all within, not limited to Cyber Security and Information Security.

We have an opportunity to mainly CHANGE THE NARRATIVE behind who can succeed in the industry and grow the industry, which is anyone who can apply themselves and are willing to improve from the journeys of predecessors.

We will create relatable content on Managing Expectations from the challenges known along the way and ensure there is clarify on the fulfilment and success of working in the STEM space.  This will be available and relayed to those on the journey and those considering which journey to uptake with the hope that more will join the industry

Within this Vodcast you will find focus on:

  • An introduction to Sjeanna Cawdry, personally and professionally.
  • Why Sjeanne is part of journeys to inspire?
  • How Sjeanne would manage the expectations of other women approaching this industry?
  • What legacy would Sjeanne like to leave?
  • Sjeanne’s lasting thoughts

Podcast Channel: https://open.spotify.com/show/1yuA8icuilTp4T5q6oaiCN

Who’s Journeys Are Featured?

Sjeanne’s Journey

Sjeanne Cawdry

Sjeanne Cawdry

Journeys Content Creator

Sjeanne’s Vodcast in Shorts

Sjeanne’s Entire Podcast

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