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Collecting the perspectives of the communities has been at the core of the Alliances platform.

From a legacy standpoint of impacting STEM based vocations, one of the most common challenges at the time of writing this content, is there is a lack of clarity in mapping a career in most industries, not limited to Cyber Security and Information Security.

It is important that we take the opportunities to share personal accounts of how we entered a field and subsequently rose to leadership positions within.  This cannot be overstated. The stories act as motivating beacons, showing young professionals ways to success and providing priceless insights. Industry leaders can humanise the process by sharing authentically the struggles, victories, and crucial moments that influenced their journey, making it relatable and easy for others to understand.

These kinds of journeys help the community feel connected, giving inspiration and hope as they pursue similar goals. Furthermore, it promotes diversity by showing the various backgrounds and different career paths that lead to the top, dismantling obstacles, and demystifying the frequently complicated and intimidating world of business leadership.

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Kevin Fielder

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