UK&I Alliance Overview:

Date: Thursday, 16th June 2022

Time: 9:00am – 14:00pm

Venue:  Churchill War Rooms

Location:  Clive Steps, King Charles St, London SW1A 2AQ

The Executive Business Exchange chapter is a gathering consists of technology leaders who have been highlighted as being able to offer value in terms of content and influence. It is designed to form alliances and to drive progressive change in the business world and beyond.

We are passionate in creating custom events with digital content designed to talk together, learn better and experience more. 

Format: 20 Information Technology Leaders / Panels / Workshops / Networking

CISO ThemesHow do we talk to the board? What is wrong within cyber security and how can we change it? 

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  • 0900


    Arrival and Networking

  • 0930

    Welcome Remarks & House Rules

    Session Leader : James Smith – Regional Director – Alliance Media Group

  • 1000

    Session 1 - Group Discussion

    Session Leader – Robin Smith 

    Session Title – Customer Perspective Session 

    Session Overview –


    A review of DarkTrace’s partnership with Aston Martin and how their enterprise has been secured using butting edge cyber security solutions.

    Robin will provide context for Aston Martin’s cyber strategy and why they engaged Darktrace in 2018 to deliver enterprise immunity services.


    Cyber Forward Plan and intelligence led planning; a review of the developing strategy for AML
    Technology development and integration; integrating DarkTrace into a progressive cyber strategy
    Darktrace’s unique Immunity system and innovative AI-driven services; how DT innovate to deliver industry lead services
    Raising Digital Literacy; how improved tech has helped build a security culture


    1. Why select Darktrace? What process was pursued?
    2. What are the pros and cons of enterprise services including Antigena?
    3. What innovations have been deployed?
    4. How has DarkTrace supported digital transformation?
    5. What are the next steps for AML and DarkTrace?
  • 1045

    Session 2 - Panel Discussion

    Session Leaders – Helen Rabe, Glen Hymers, Milos Pesic

    Session Title –  How do we talk to the Board? 

    Session Overview –

  • 1130

    Networking Break

  • 1145

    Session 3 - Workshop Discussion

    Sessional Panelist – Community Lead


    Session Title – What is wrong within Cyber Security and how can we change it? 

    Session Overview –

    • What is Wrong within Cyber security?
    • Recruitment, Sales, Skills shortages and how can we eliminate these issues?
    • How as a sector can we overcome these issues?
    • Steps that we can take moving forward to help
  • 1300


  • 1400

    Leaving Remarks