Egypt Chapter – April 2022


Chapter Overview

Date: Thursday, 28th of April 2022

Time: 10.00 am – 11.30 am (EGY)

Platform: Digital Alliances

Location: Digital Alliances – Microsoft Teams Link – Invite Only

Overall Theme: All About IT Components Assessment

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    Welcome Remarks & Joining Time

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    Focused Session

    Session Leader: Maged Roshdy, IT & InfoSec Manager – AluNile, DT consultant ERC

    Session Title: All About IT Components Assessment

    Session Synopsis:

    To invest in IT, it has to be strategic, to attach the IT process to the business/ORG strategy relations between IT components and business components has to be well defined, what are the IT components to define, what are the business components to relate to, who is responsible in what, what is the breakpoint for risk from the CIA (confidentiality, integrity and availability) prospective, at the end how to figure the critical business processes and the dependent IT Equipment/component to protect, by this you get the best investment and assure the business continuity, when all is assessed and well planned.

    Key takeaways: 

    – BP and BPO definitions
    – Surveying the work environment alternatives
    – BCP orientation

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    Debate & Questions

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    Action Areas and Next Steps