UK&I Chapter – February 2021


Chapter Overview

Date: Thursday, 4th of February 2021

Time: 15.00 pm – 16.30 pm

Platform: Digital Alliances

Location: Digital Alliances – Microsoft Teams Link – Invite Only

Overall Theme: Join the Alliances and engage with us to lead and influence the monthly Chapters

The Digital Alliances is a platform created to ensure our communities are enabled to utilise our candid approach to benchmark and to continue collaboration where physical Chapters are restricted

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    Welcome Remarks & Joining Time

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    Session Leader: Mike Jones From the H4unt3d Hacker Podcast

    Session Title: Unique point of view of the Hacker from Mike’s own Experience 

    Session Overview:

    Mike Jones (sting3r) As a former member of Anonymous Mike has refocused his efforts to advise both public and private sector on how to better secure not only their infrastructure but also their social behaviors against compromise. He has lead several Red Teams and has developed new ways to exploit organisations. His knowledge in the seedier side of the cyberspace has given him a unique viewpoint on today’s threats. Mike also volunteers time to local police as well as national organizations to help today’s youth make better cyber decisions.

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    Breaking Down Areas of Focus from the Community

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    Action Areas and Next Steps