CISO Alliances Session Information

Date: Thursday, 2nd March 2023

Time: 9:00am – 11:45am

Venue:  Churchill War Rooms

Location:  London, UK

The Alliances chapter is a gathering consists of business risk, information and cyber security leaders who have been highlighted as being able to offer value in terms of content and influence. It is designed to form alliances and to drive progressive change in the business world and beyond.

The content and format is designed to talk together, learn better and experience more. 

Format: Invite only Security Leaders debating pertinent, real life issues through the form of open forums, workshops and  Panels.

Chatham House Rule will be applied


  1. Depth achieved around business objectives where the opportunity of experience within the attendees is leveraged
  2. Benchmarking and verification of thought processes outside of existing networks i.e. the broader CISO Alliances community
  3. Industry progression and unity in impacting the challenges of the common business objectives
  4. Not corporate flag waiving or sales pitches.  We insist, do that elsewhere.


Being Built by the community

CISO Alliances Session Partner

Chapter Order of the Day

Registration and Networking


Chapter Opening

Welcome Remarks and Housekeeping

Session Leader: James Smith, Director – CISO Alliances

Session Outcome: Understand the purpose of the day, order of the day and your role throughout the day

Session 1
Open Forum

Session Moderator: Chris Martin – Director (Europe) – Abnormal Security

Session Leaders: Milos Pesic

Session Theme Title: Customers Journey – Their View

Session Overview and Synopsis: 

The challenge section

Working at a Fin-Tech, it seems everything is only about speed and cost savings. We are glad we engaged with the AS team as they have managed to help us with both. We got a fair market price and still fantastic support, with even quicker implementation. 

 The solution section

Compared to our previous solution from the “old timer”, we could see that AS team has thought this through, and the work that was invested shows the valuer with outstanding results.

 The outcome section

Our remediation is automatic; our investigations are automatic; basically, most of it is automated, but we still check every day to see if anything is outstanding. 


The last nine months still worked like a charm, so we managed to save some cost and time and invested that budget into other projects.


Networking Break

Session 2
Open Forum

Session Leader: Ivan Milenkovic

Session Theme Title: A Tale of Weak Signals

Session Overview and Synopsis:

Sometimes a very benign event can point to a much bigger, and a very serious issue…
This is a story about the invisible cyber heroes that prevented a very large and costly incident and saved several clients from the same. A story about why you should pay attention to insignificant, yet unusual events and why understanding your environment still matters.

Closing Remarks

Session Leaders: James Smith

Lunch and Social

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