Lagos Chapter – April 2019


Date: Thursday, 11th of April 2019

Time: 8.00 am – 3.00 pm

Venue: Radisson Blu, Victoria Island

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Overall Theme: Delving into Security, Where are the Lessons?

Areas of focus:

Benchmarking Strategy for Learning:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

This Alliance Chapter will focus on building a decision making and decision influencing community focused on impacting the ICT and Cyber Security division of enterprises and upper mid-market organisations from Lagos in Nigeria.

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    Welcome Remarks & House Keeping

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    Session 1 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Abiodun Ijaware – CIO – Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN)

    Session Title: The adoption and integration of Cloud services. What are the benefits and risks? 


    Usage of cloud services is gradually becoming the norm in enterprises not only because if offers faster time to market for products and service but can also provide lower total cost of ownership.

    There are also other benefits to the business and the information technology functions, but with these benefits also come risks that need to be mitigated to derive value. These risks can be as varied as the different use cases but there are also common risks. Some can be quite strategic to the business because of regulations while some are dues to the nature of supporting infrastructure and the architectural design of the services.

    For every enterprise willing to derive the value from the use of different cloud services, a strategic approach is adoption is advised so that the benefits are considered alongside regulation and a proper risk assessment.

    Session Desired Takeaways & Outcomes

    • Different cloud services options and use cases
    • Regulations in Nigeria
    • Some risks and mitigations
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    Session 2 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Farad Khimji – Sales Leader, WECA – Lenovo Data Center Group

    Session Title: Intelligent Transformation in the Data Center – The Fourth Industrial Revolution


    A new age is dawning and today we are standing at the beginning of the fourth revolution. This revolution will transform how we work and live – in ways that no one could imagine in the 18th century – or even 18 months ago. “IT” is no longer just “Information Technology.” It is Intelligent Transformation – a transformation that is driven by the large-scale adoption of big data analytics, cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

    It’s no longer enough for tech companies to provide smartphones, laptops, servers, storage and networking products but their value comes in helping their customers pull it all together, in providing a holistic vision of a world that is not only connected but smart and intelligent.

    Session Desired Takeaways & Outcomes

    • The growth of data and advancement in Artificial Intelligence
    • Computing power available to process massive amounts of data
    • The Master Transformers of the next revolution
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    Networking Break

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    Session 3 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Abumere Igboa – CISO Stanbic IBTC

    Session Title: The role of data in quantifying cyber risk


    Quantifying cyber risk leveraging data ensures it is recognized as a business risk and not as just an operational/technical risk which enables the right stakeholder participation.

    Session Desired Takeaways & Outcomes

    • Organizations need to develop data models that will ensure cyber risk management is effectively integrated into their business processes
    • Improves accuracy in estimating & measuring cyber risk and ensures security budget allocation are rightly aligned
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    Session 4 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Bharat Soni – CISO – Guarantee Trust Bank Plc.

    Session Title: GRC- Is is high time to look into GRC implementation in Nigeria?


    Governance, Risk and Compliance ( GRC) is a domain which is not getting proper attention in Nigerian Banking Industry. With increasing compliance towards standards and regulation locally and worldwide GRC will help the Banking and other industries to resolve the issues at initial level and ensure compliance to the required standards and regulations. Implementation of GRC will ensure proper management of risk in any organization and increase business avenues.

    Session Desired Takeaways & Outcomes

    • What is GRC?
    • Key points to understand in implementation of GRC
    • Modular Approach
    • Benefits
    • The road ahead
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    Networking Lunch

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    Session 5 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Phil Manny – Director – CISO Alliances

    Session Title: Cyber awareness, How to change behaviour in a digital revolution


    We are in the midst of the digital revolution and a crucial part of a cyber security strategy is how to avoid potential threats experienced by our human end points within the workforce.

    Staff are the heartbeat of most organisations and human beings are the weakest link when it comes to cyber security.  No matter how much you invest in technology and provision it may be all for nothing without the correct cyber awareness amongst your users and its application of zed process/ technology.

    With 60% of Nigerian business being attached in 2018, Viruses, malware and advanced criminal techniques are relying on one thing, that users are naïve or distracted enough to unintentionally open up your organisation to attack.

    Session Desired Takeaways & Outcome

    • Creating a cyber aware culture within our organisations
    • What are we currently doing
    • Are our personnel cyber astute
    • Lesson learnt
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    Session 6 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: CISO Alliances Community

    Session Title: Justification of Solutions – ‘Grudge’ purchase mentality


    IT security budgets are tight and scrutinised where a focus on doing more for less is a common challenge. This disconnect often happens because the IT security team doesn’t speak the business language and the board and finance team doesn’t understand IT security and risk landscape, whether in public practice, business and industry, the not-for-profit sector or government.

    This shift requires more than just throwing numbers onto a spreadsheet. It demands that an organization’s leaders work together to define IT’s role in achieving the organization’s objectives—transforming IT from a cost centre into an investment.  Whilst qualifying and quantifying the risk associated to potential damage and loss to brand and reputation.

    Session Desired Takeaways & Outcomes

    • Vendor selection & Justification (Their global impact vs regional)
    • How we sell internally to obtaining board ‘buy in’?
    • Price vs. reliability vs. reputation