Kenya & Nigeria Chapter – June 2022


Chapter Overview

Date: Thursday, 16th of June 2022

Time: 13.00 pm – 14.30 pm (WAT) / 15.00 – 16.30 (EAT)

Platform: Digital Alliances

Location: Digital Alliances – Microsoft Teams Link – Invite Only

Overall Theme: Cyber Security through human perspective – Wellbeing

  • Welcome Remarks & Joining Time

  • Panel Session

    Session Title: “Cyber Security through human perspective – Wellbeing”

    Session Panellists:

    • – Philip Irode, Deputy Director, Information Security – ICT Authority
    • – Michael Michie, CTO – Solv Kenya
    • – Tunde Dada, Group Head IT/BCM –  inq. digital
    • – Milos Pesic, VP Infosec – FSI Sector

    As we all know the IT & Infosec space is a highly pressured environment for both leaders and team members alike.

    Wellbeing and its connection to cyber security is often overlooked by businesses and other organisations, which tend to concentrate on technological solutions, avoiding the human side of the problem or believing that for example “Zero Trust” systems will “fix it all“. Yet, not only security, but the very survival of every business or organisation to a significant extent depends on the ability of employees to effectively deal with a wide range of issues (including cyber security issues). 

    Our esteemed panellists will come together to discuss a highly sensitive yet important topic that has become significantly more pronounced since the pandemic shifted and accelerated 4IR.

  • Debate & Questions

  • Action Areas and Next Steps