Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit

CISO Digital Alliances Session Information

Date: Thursday, 8th June 2023

Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Location:  Invite only by Regional Director – Microsoft Teams

The Alliances chapter is a gathering consists of business risk, information and cyber security leaders who have been highlighted as being able to offer value in terms of content and influence. It is designed to form alliances and to drive progressive change in the business world and beyond.

The content and format is designed to talk together, learn better and experience more. 

Format: Invite only Security Leaders debating pertinent, real life issues through the form of digital open forum.

Chatham House Rule will be applied


  1. Depth achieved around business objectives where the opportunity of experience within the attendees is leveraged
  2. Benchmarking and verification of thought processes outside of existing networks i.e. the broader CISO Alliances community
  3. Industry progression and unity in impacting the challenges of the common business objectives
  4. Not corporate flag waiving or sales pitches.  We insist, do that elsewhere.


A union formed for mutual benefit


Digital Alliances Chapter Overview


Session Leader: Annabel Palmer

Session Theme Title: The Art of Conversation & Active Listening

Session Overview and Synopsis:

The art of conversation is the skill of engaging in meaningful and enjoyable communication with others. It involves the ability to listen actively, express oneself clearly, and maintain a balanced and interesting exchange of ideas. A good conversation is a two-way interaction where both participants contribute and feel heard.

Throughout this digital chapter we will look at principles and techniques that can aid your conversations as well as learn how to apply active listening to conversations.

Whilst the intention of these webinars is to educate, many of the narratives covered allow for free flowing discussions and particularly with our focus on ‘art of conversation’, we will keep an informal and relaxed feel to the chapter in order to get the most out of it.

Session Outcomes and Takeaways:

1. Active Listening.

2. Empathy and Understanding.

3. Asking Open-Ended Questions.

4. Avoiding Dominating the Conversation.

5.Using Non-Verbal Communication:

Remember that the art of conversation is a skill that can be developed with practice and patience. By actively listening, expressing yourself clearly, and respecting others, you can create meaningful and enjoyable conversations that foster connection and understanding.

6. Giving  your full attention.

7. Using verbal and non-verbal cues.

8. Avoiding judgement and assumptions.

9. Reflecting on your own listening habits.

Remember that active listening is a skill that requires practice and conscious effort. By dedicating yourself to being fully present, genuinely interested, and responsive, you can become a better active listener and greatly enhance your communication abilities

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