CISO Alliances Session Information

Date: Thursday, 16th February 2023

Time: 8:00am – 14:45pm

Venue:  Number XIX Nineteen, Century City 

Location:  Cape Town, South Africa

The Alliances chapter is a gathering consists of business risk, information and cyber security leaders who have been highlighted as being able to offer value in terms of content and influence. It is designed to form alliances and to drive progressive change in the business world and beyond.

The content and format is designed to talk together, learn better and experience more. 

Format: Up to 50 Leaders debating pertinent, real life issues through the form of open forums, workshops and  Panels.


  1. Depth achieved around business objectives where the opportunity of experience within the attendees is leveraged
  2. Benchmarking and verification of thought processes outside of existing networks i.e. the broader CISO Alliances community
  3. Industry progression and unity in impacting the challenges of the common business objectives
  4. Not corporate flag waiving or sales pitches.  We insist, do that elsewhere.


Evolving the Alliances into more: Alliances Projects: Uniting Strengths, Expanding Opportunities

Security Automation, Orchestration, and Response. Successful implementations and use cases.
End User Behaviours Analytics

How many times have you assumed or asked the women who walks into the meeting will arrange the drinks or food?

Is it Smart to be Intelligent?

Security technologies and solutions for mid mid-size companies.

Chapter Partner


Chapter Order of the Day

0800 am


0830 am
Chapter Opening

Welcome Remarks

Session Leader: Leigh Thomas, Director – CISO Alliances

Session Outcome: Understand the purpose of the day, order of the day and your role throughout the day

0845 am

Session 1
Open Forum

Session Leader: Leigh Thomas, Director – Alliances

Session Theme Title: 

Evolving the Alliances into more: Alliances Projects: Uniting Strengths, Expanding Opportunities

Session Overview and Synopsis:

Executive time spent together is valuable for building relationships and creating opportunities for benchmarking and knowledge sharing. The sharing of information and experiences in the field of information and cyber security can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of best practices and industry trends. This collaborative approach allows executives to develop relatable content and identify practical solutions to common challenges. By valuing the time spent together and actively seeking out opportunities for collaboration, executives can elevate the level of security within their organizations and create a more secure future for all.

Session Outcome: 

  • Understanding the evolution of the Alliances into the Alliances Projects
  • How the services will now run
  • Create awareness of the expectations for the community to help channel the growth
  • Justify the purpose of the evolution
  • Relay how this will be commercially viable

0915 am

Session 2
Community Insights

Session Leader: Clint Abels, ICT Risk, Security and Compliance  – Distell

Session Theme Title: 

Security Automation, Orchestration, and Response. Successful implementations and use cases.
End User Behaviours Analytics

Session Overview and Synopsis:

Allot of hype, but can it deliver business value? Does automation work in an environment with various technologies? Does it reduce incident response/investigation time?

Session Outcome: 

Understand successful implementations and ROI. This will help us make decisions around investments in these capabilities.

1015 am

Networking Break

10:45 am

Session 3
Community Insights

Session Leader: Nadia Veeran-Patel, Information Security Officer – LRMG

Session Theme Title: 

How many times have you assumed or asked the women who walks into the meeting will arrange the drinks or food?

Session Overview and Synopsis: Getting more women into information security and it all starts with us. Let’s remove the gender biases and look at the persons contributions and achievements.

Session Outcomes: Creating a safe space to make everyone feel included. Change your perspective and we can change the world.

11:15 am

Session 4

Session Leaders: Colin van Niekerk, Director: Forensic Response & Product Development – BlckRhino

Session Theme Title: Is it Smart to be Intelligent?

Session Overview and Synopsis: Applying Cyber Intelligence effectively is expensive… is it worth it?

Session Outcomes: Prioritised Maturity Model for the adoption of Cyber Intelligence, mapped to risk reduction milestones

Contributions from public forum:     

1215 pm
Networking Lunch

1315 pm
Session 5
Open Forum

Session Leaders: Bevan Lane, Director – Infosec Consulting ZA & Infosec Advisory

Session Theme Title: Security technologies and solutions for mid mid-size companies

Session Overview and Synopsis: With the uncertainty and economic difficulties the world is going through budgets are being cut and for mid-size companies with little space to move there is a driver for finding intelligent and cost-effective solutions to meet the security challenges and protect themselves.

Session Outcomes: 

The idea would be to understand how we are all dealing with these challenges and how existing solutions, free and inexpensive options allow us to manage risk and meet any compliance obligations

Impact the session beforehand:
Pre and During Alliances Questionnaire

1415 pm
Session 6
Open Forum



Session Leaders:

Community Led Open Forum

Session Theme Title: The Power of Truth

Session Outcomes: 

Continue to understand that this platform is for you and your true needs

Mark Twain

Create your own Journey

1500 pm
Post Session Social

Session Leaders:

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