Cape Town Chapter – June 2018

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Chapter Overview

Date: Thursday, 28th of June 2018

Time: 8.00 am – 2.30 pm

Venue: Marriott Crystal Towers Hotel, Century City

Location: Western Cape, South Africa

Overall Theme: Smart Digital Transformation, Utilising Big Data with the Customer in Mind

Areas of focus:

Benchmarking Strategy for Learning:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

This Alliance Chapter will focus on building a decision making and decision influencing community focused on impacting the ICT of enterprises and upper mid-market organisations from the Western Cape in South Africa.

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    Welcome Remarks & House Keeping

    Session Leader: Leigh Thomas – Founder & Director – Alliance Media Group

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    Session 1 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Sjeanne Cawdry – Senior Strategic Transformation Change Manager, Client Experience Lead, Executive Leadership Coach – RMB

    Session Title: Transforming organisations into client centric businesses, adopting a human centered approach, and the application and implications of relevant digital solutions across segments to achieve this.


    Key aims of successful CX initiatives are to reduce effort, increase loyalty, advocacy and ultimately a deepen the partnership with customers where organisations earn the right to grow with clients. Key considerations in delivering client centric solutions is identifying opportunities in the clients world that reduce client effort in their consumption of services and products from service providers. Effort is experienced in the following manner:
    a. Cognitive effort: Amount mental energy required to process something
    b. Time effort: How much time it takes to wait, consume or transact
    c. Physical effort: How much physical effort it takes to do something
    d. Emotional effort: How much negative vs positive emotional energy is required (stress, anxiety, fear, frustration), resulting in a psychological cost.

    Regardless of type of market i.e. B2B or B2C, there are human beings involved in the partnership. The key element of any relationship/partnership is trust, therefore digital solutions are fast becoming the ‘trusted partner’ as organisations endevour to reduce effort for clients and deepen loyalty.

    This session aims to explore the quality of trust and the value chain of trust in delivering digital solutions in CX. In the South African context, this is a key consideration, since as a nation we live in a society that experiences high levels of corruption and inherent mistrust. A breach of trust across the above mentioned ‘effort areas’ may result in lack of client adoption/utilization of solutions or products. Whilst SA consumers may be becoming more digitally savvy, is their trust in the digital world growing as fast as organisations are providing them with digital solutions self service options. Are organisations ensuring they are delivering trusted digital experiences across the clients journey with them? Do clients still want ‘a person’ to contact despite transacting online/app/tablet?

    Key Takeaways:

    Clients are human beings and human beings thrive on trust, what are key considerations in designing trusted experiences (outside in and inside out)?
    What are key challenges in transforming or shifting organisations from product to client centric organisations and what are potential solutions?
    Are clients ‘digitally future fit’, i.e. organisations spend time preparing their employees to be future fit or digitally savvy, yet they are not necessarily the primary consumers of an organisations products or services, clients are. Are organisations spending enough time ensuring their clients are ‘future fit and digitally savvy’ in terms of what they intend offering.
    Social implications internally for employees and externally for clients in a digitized, AI, robotized world.

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    Session 2 - Open Forum

    Session Leader: Jay Meyer – Director – Mlima Group

    Session Title: DISRUPTING DIGITAL BUSINESS : Own the experience.


    As we observe how organisations cautiously adopt emerging technologies , they soon start to calculate the value of such innovation.

    The big question is, did the innovation reach the point of disruption ? During the session lets unpack what does it mean to digitally disrupt and how to own that experience .

    Key Takeaways:

    1 –  When adopting emerging technology , have a clear understanding  WHY ?

    2 –  Followed by WHEN –  relevance

    3 –  How to own the experience  –  An authenthic experience

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    Networking Break

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    Session 3

    Session Leader: Gys Malan – Solutions Manager – Huawei Technologies Africa

    Session Title: Huawei Smart Retail Solutions


    Optimised customer shopping experience with retail and precision marketing solution to reduce costs and improve efficiency

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    Session 4

    Session Leader: Maritza Curry – BI Specialist

    Session Title: Transforming organisations through an Enterprise Data Strategy


    This session will provide an overview of how an Enterprise Data Strategy can transform an organisation by:

    – establishing a Data Governance organisation that will ensure the longevity of the data program
    – establishing strategic intent to create competitive advantage through managing data as an asset

    Key Takeaways:

    The components of a successful Enterprise Data Strategy
    The pitfalls to avoid when formulating an Enterprise Data Strategy
    The critical success factors for implementing an Enterprise Data Strategy

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    Networking Lunch

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    Session 5 - Open Panel Forum

    Session Leaders:

    Celeste Rogers – Group CIO – MTO Group

    Sjeanne Cawdry – Senior Strategic Transformation Change Manager, Client Experience Lead, Executive Leadership Coach – RMB

    Maritza Curry – BI Specialist

    Gys Malan – Solutions Manager – Huawei Technologies Africa

    Session Title: Open Quick Fire Debate on Other Topics Raised.


    Going full circle from the days session, concluding the sessions and building for the next Cape Town Chapter

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    Closing Remarks & the Next Steps

    Session Leader: Leigh Thomas – Founder & Director – CIO Alliances