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As the Alliances have access to a breadth of professionals that are up to speed on the reality of impacting senior Information and Cybersecurity Roles.

The primary aim of this project is to provide CISOs with a roadmap for career development through a strategic approach to certifications. It is intended to address the specific needs and challenges that CISOs face in today’s complex cybersecurity landscape, ultimately enabling them to excel in their roles and contribute to their organisations’ overall security posture.

  • What are your current cybersecurity priorities?
  • The type of certifications/experience you look for when recruiting/building your team.
  • What are your current struggles with regards to upskilling within your team and end-users?
  • Who are your preferred vendors and why?
  • Would you be interested in building pathways for your team to upskill into different roles?
  • What is the current impact/cost to business of not being fully Cyber secure and having the requisite team capability to defend your IT or Cyber risks?
  • How can businesses and CISO’s get front footed in the greater cause of battling Information and Cyber risks and threats?
  • How can continuous learning and having a learning partner assist with this struggle keeping every CISO and CIO up at night?


LRMG kindly offered to kick us off on this project with some fantastic guidance for our working group of originally 47 from the South Africa CISO Alliances.

Led by the ever passionate Nadia Veeran-Patel, CISO at LRMG, we were able to identify comparisons between learnerships and competence and in the recruitment market, how they can compliment the career pathway of those impact any industry.

Next steps TBC

Who is involved?

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