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As the Alliances have access to a breadth of professionals that are up to speed on the reality of impacting senior Information and Cybersecurity Roles.

The primary aim of this project is to provide CISOs with a roadmap for career development through a strategic approach to certifications. It is intended to address the specific needs and challenges that CISOs face in today’s complex cybersecurity landscape, ultimately enabling them to excel in their roles and contribute to their organisations’ overall security posture.

  • What certifications are available? 
  • Benefits of these certifications – continue to hold them or let them lapse? – the pros and cons
  • Create a Certification Framework
  • Industry Collaboration

Who is involved?

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Regional Directors


The Alliances are seeking the viewpoint of those leading the development of the curriculums of professional certifications to benchmark against one and other and to rationalise when best to utilise each course.

This is aimed at helping those developing their careers in industry can hear what is available and what has worked as we look to unpack the experiences of those who have obtained certifications and accreditations along the way.

Alliances Partners