Welcome to the CISO Alliance Chapter for the State of Qatar. Continuing from the success of building the most intimate and senior IT security gatherings across Africa and Europe, our the next phase of growth is to bring our philosophy to markets that all too often are delivered the same sales heavy content with hardly any real discussion amongst peers. Our philosophy is based on bringing together a close-knit collective of end-users into a structured discussion – no more 50+ hour long slide decks that bore you into numbness. Content and discussion points are generated by you, the audience, the experts, the men and women in the trenches every single day, slogging it out and over-coming myriad challenges.


Alliance – ‘A union formed for mutual benefit.’

Alliance Media Group (AMG) Ltd and subsequently, the Alliances were deliberately named to include the word ‘Alliance’ due to its definition from the Collins dictionary.

All influencers and contributors should achieve some form of benefit and all Alliances manage the expectations of its customers and participants to coach through the best practices of achieving the outcomes they deserve.


Ethos and Morals are key to the positive reputation, success and achievements that the Alliances have in their short and impactful early years as a disruptor in the Event Managed Services industry.

It is important to consider that all involved are benefiting and the service or platform is setup to succeed and not hope.

In a senior, corporate environment, it is an exceedingly rare occurrence where the end user will attend an event with the corporate cheque book. Why are so many organisations representing themselves with ‘Sales’ at events? The expectations should be for an educational environment where the opportunity is to share the strategy in overcoming an actual and practical business objective that decision makers are trying impact common within the audience. From this a greater understanding of positioning in the market can achieved.

It is the business objectives that is motivating innovation and change within the organisation and the convincing of spend by an elevated sales pitch is irrelevant and equally unbeneficial for both entities without an understanding what the executive is aiming to achieve.

In any service there has to be revenue generated to remain sustainable but, revenue generation should never be the driver or measurement of success. From the research conducted along with first-hand experience in other events companies, the events industry remains a heavily sales driven back office, creating for a tarnished motivation when it comes to approaching executives to attend events and organisations to sponsor events due to commission and bonuses rather than creating an educational environment which from Alliances perspective, is the entire purpose of bringing like-minded peers together.

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