South Africa Chapter – August 2022

Chapter Overview

Date: Tuesdays, 2nd & 16th of August 2022

Time: 17.00 pm – 18.30 pm

Platform: Digital Alliances

Location: Digital Alliances – Microsoft Teams Link – Invite Only

Overall Theme: Community Shaping the Themes and Formats of Unpacking These for the Upcoming Return to Physical – Drop in Session

The Digital Alliances is a platform created to ensure our communities are enabled to utilise our candid approach to benchmark and to continue collaboration where physical Chapters are restricted

  • 1700

    Band Meeting - Shaping the next session - Drop in Session

    Session Leader: Leigh Thomas, CISO Alliances

    We are looking to build out this template agenda –

    We need your say on the below per session within the chapter:

    • Overall theme/ title or topic of the session:
    • Reason for session – problem statement/ business objective:
    • Desired outcomes and key takeaways:
    • Bodies and executives who should be involved:
    • Is there an organisation that offers a solution to the problem statement. If so, who:

    If you cannot make the sessions, please complete this form for each topic you’d like to see discussed:

    Let’s get it on!!